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With the exception of three color posters (indicated by an asterisk following the identification number), all of the pictures in this list are available only as black-and-white reproductions.

Inquiries about other World War II pictures that may be part of National Archives holdings should be submitted separately to the Still Picture Branch.

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Black Americans recognized the paradox of fighting a world war for the "four freedoms" while being subjected to prejudicial practices in the United States. Massacre Bay, Attu, Aleutian Islands." May 20, 1943.

Conversely, information was sometimes added to help the reader understand a caption.

Within an original caption, this additional material appears in brackets. If the photographers, artists, locations, or dates of the photograph were known, they also are listed.

The majority of the pictures were chosen from the records of the Army Signal Corps in Record Group (RG) 111, the Department of the Navy in RG 80, the Coast Guard in RG 26, the Marine Corps in RG 127, and the Office of War Information in RG 208.

The pictures are listed in the brochure first by the five branches of the military and then by subject headings entitled Merchant Marine, Women in the Military, Training, Rest and Relaxation, Personalities, and the Homefront.

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    716 (MSN 14-253) To RAF as FE519; to Canadian AF as FE519; to Netherlands AF as B-154 in Mar 1949; w/o at Empel, The Netherlands 717 (MSN 14-254) to RAF as Harvard IIB FE520. 3465 ("Wee Bonnie II") 3466 crashed on landing approach 2 mi N of Ardmore AAF, OK Nov 4, 1943. To California Atlantic Airways Dec 1953 as N66574, then to Peru as OB-RAH-346, back to US as N9915F, then to Nicaragua as AN-AMI, to Bolivia as CP-633 in 1957, and finally to Colombian government as C-580 (NTU) then as HK-580X, then as HK-580. 3496 delivered Denver Dec 13, 1943; Presque Is Aug 16, 1943; Assigned to 327BS/92BG Alconbury Sep 4, 1943; on practice mission crash landed base after stall by pilot under instruction, left tyre blew then u/c collapsed May 15, 1944, . Salvaged 3503 Delivered Denver Mar 14, 1943; Walla Walla Jul 28, 1943; crashed 17 miles east of Arlington, OR. 3508 (100th BG, 418th BS, *Bastard's Bunglow II* lost on mission to Munich Mar 18, 1944.

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