Updating sharp aquos software

Is there some way we can know about these type of issues before we buy or rent blue-ray movies?

Fortunately in the forum i met a very kind person who helped me: Quakeball7 wrote: had the same issue. Download the EU firmware from the site, but make sure you grab the ISO. That CD will overwrite any update, even when its a newer version (where the system through USB would tell you it need not update).

I've even tried playing using dolby digital instead of dts. Im almost worried about buying or renting any more blue-ray movies, I do love the quality of the picture and sound,but don't want to sit down to watch a movie and have to sit and watch nothing.

So in short: does anybody have an old version of the firmware as a .rvp-file? I tried to do the firmware update and I get this message that says that I have more than one file on the USB... I am hoping that the next one will work and that its just an error with this current upgrade..

After I evenually get to the main menu using my BD-HP20U and try to play it, I get nothing. And the time counter just sat still no movement no matter what scene I tryed to access.

It runs the 20th Century Fox thing and the FBI warning, but then nothing but darkness. When I get back to the menu again after starting all over, I try jumping to a later scene or playing any of the special features, but still nothingness. I also own a BD-HP20U "what the heck "i've done a firmware update even sent player back to Shape when I had a problem with update.

Disk only seems able to do FAT32, so I had to drop into the shell and use assigns the label “FIRMWARE” to the new filesystem.

You can use any 1-11 character string that adheres to DOS file-naming rules instead of “FIRMWARE”.

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