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When you do decide to take the next step, it is vital to give your new partner their own space in your life.Comparing and contrasting them to a previous relationship does you all a disservice, confusing the boundaries between your ex and your next and acting as an emotional road-block to moving on. In fact, as Sam Owen points out, ‘’being single in your 50s is increasingly common.’’ You may even find dating more rewarding when you’re more mature.This can feel more comfortable than just looking for a life partner.’’ This may of course blossom into more with time, and that’s ok.Just make sure to take it at the pace that feels right for you and your stage of life.We’d probably all be far better off taking apps as seriously as someone’s profile picture, which even in the best case scenario, is a little to the left of reality.Despite all the incendiary articles about dating apps, millennial hookup culture, and the death of romance, the truth is, there’s a lot more to why younger generations are waiting to get married or aren’t getting married at the relationship realm -- and more and more people are seeking help. And for those of us who aren't serial swipers, our collective societal use of technology in the pursuit of romance seems to be constantly toeing the line of dependence.If you NEED an app to tell you if your relationship is worth staying in, you’ve answered your own question.

But not only are we using apps to find love, we’re using them to rank it.

If you find yourself thinking that dating just isn’t what it used to be, you’re right.

"The modern dating world has changed with the popularity of dating apps," says Dr. Lewandowski Jr., a professor and department chair of psychology at Monmouth University and co-founder of Stay Go.

For those who grew up with school books rather than i Pads and dinner dances instead of Facebook, the idea of entrusting the internet with one’s love life might sound silly.

Yet, to dismiss online dating out of hand is to dismiss one of the most popular places for older Canadian singles to meet.

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