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To purchase Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities), please visit i Tunes for a digital copy or CM Distro for a mint green 10″ vinyl (USA exclusive color; limited to 300 copies) with a CD insert.

Just when you thought you might get through April without buying yet another record, here come Portland-by-way-of-Providence malevolent doomers The Body with a new EP.

Born Zhao Zheng, he became the king of the western State of Qin at age 13.

Obsessed with the concept of immortality, he began to make plans for his immense burial complex at a young age while greatly expanding his power base in real terms.

That Blut include a side-two cover of Boston outfit Nightstick‘s “Ultimatum” — they call it “Ultimatum (Yog-Sothoth)” — only demonstrates their awareness of their own lineage.

It also evens up the sides and gives even more horrifying audio, but yeah, the other thing too.

Some of these warriors are so rare, they have never before travelled out of China but Xu, a Princeton-educated scholar of early Chinese art and archaeology (MA and Ph D), has been cultivating relations there for decades. First unearthed in Central China in 1974 by farmers searching for well water, these remarkable figures are representatives of the army amassed by China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259-210 BCE) some 2,200 years ago to guard him in the afterworld.

The few warriors that are available for closer inspection are behind glass.If I’m overthinking it, well, I’m supposed to overthink it.Still, the foreboding drone of “Murder Hallucination” and “Skulls. Nails” isn’t happening in a vacuum, and as much as Blut are casting off elements of traditional songwriting — verses, choruses, etc.Fact is, whatever level you want to approach them at, Blut aren’t about to make it easy for you.What they’re going to do — on tape or any other format — is crash and drone and scream and emit some of the most fucked up noise I’ve ever heard.

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