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It was gracious of Clinton, but a fat lot of good his apology did to the people who were killed and their families. See more » At one point in "Hotel Rwanda," our hero Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) asks an American TV reporter (Joaquin Phoenix) how the western world could not intervene after seeing scenes of women and children being hacked by machete-wielding Hutu militia. A few years ago, former President Bill Clinton apologized to Rwandans for not intervening during the 100-day massacre that saw about one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus slaughtered in the most barbaric manner.George doesn't harshly indict the west for its indifference.Also, some scenes, especially one near the film's end, seem staged for obvious dramatic effect, to play with our sense of sympathy and dread.Okonedo and Cheadle are utterly believable as a couple.They have one traumatic scene on the hotel roof, a quietly powerful moment that tugs at our heartstrings as we watch two people who love each other try to deal with what could happen.

Other known names and dialect names: Ambaquista, Bambeiro, Dongo, Ginga, Jinga, Kimbamba, Kimbundo, Kindongo, Loanda Mbundu, Loande, Luanda, Lunda, Mbaka, Mbamba, Mbundu, N'bundo, Nbundu, Ndongo, Ngola, Njinga, North Mbundu Use faceted search to explore resources for Kimbundu language.

You can sense Paul's frustration, though Cheadle rarely displays any vulnerability.

He gets great support from Sophie Okonedo as Paul's Tutsi wife, Tatiana, and Nick Nolte doing his best work in years as a Canadian United Nations officer, Colonel Oliver.

The moment's made more horrifying because George unveils it quite matter-of-factly.

Making a PG-13 film about genocide requires numerous compromises.

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