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In the film, he played Eduardo Saverin, a close friend of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and one of the company's early backers.

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However, many residences, no matter how short the hall, have light switches at both ends of the hall for the same light; and if one is in the on position, the other has to be in the off position for the light to be on. I couldn't detect their soul or any evidence of its existence.

In a way they represent the worst of the previous generations. Profit is the name of the game and the ideas come out of boredom of longings to get laid.

Love and friendship, loyalty and/or honor as obsolete as good manners.

But I knew that I had found my next celebrity crush. He's known for being Spider-Man and one half of Stonefield (I will always ship that couple) as well as his Oscar nomination for Hacksaw Ridge.

Though "The Social Network" is an incredibly interesting and well-made docudrama, it is hardly an enjoyable one.

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