Frank sinatra and elizabeth taylor dating

Allen married Ms Lasser in 1966, the workaholic performing two stand-up shows on the day of their wedding.

Although Evanier believes they genuinely loved each other, it was a rocky marriage thanks largely to Lasser suffering from depression.

Old friends believe that relationship would colour the difficult ones he had with other women.

He met his first wife, a sweet-natured, petite brunette named Harlene, in 1953 when he was 18 and she was 15. Both were virgins when they married two years later.

As soon as they had split up, Allen would start ridiculing a generic comic ‘wife’ with vicious jokes in his act in clubs and on TV.

Allen won, giving her a pinball machine and it appears Tiel, who liked them both, agreed to honour the bet.

Nervous is an adjective long attached to Allen, who has played the fast-talking neurotic in film after film.

He is the wimpy, sex-starved nerd who usually gets the girl out of sympathy rather than any sexual attraction.

It was this ‘powerful sense of Sicilian propriety’, as she carefully termed it, that landed him in fights.

And it may, a new book reveals, have prompted what must be one of the most shocking episodes in the singer’s turbulent life.

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