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but the movie ends with the husband taking the virtual reality visor off of her... The movie was R rated, dark and seedy, sciene fiction, dealt with illegal organ trafficking, cyborgs, virtual reality, different planets (Earth and Mars – or the Moon). So he decides to go get a gun and get revenge on the guys who hurt his brother.I do not know if this was ever a movie I watched or a very vivid dream... They two were extremely attached,but following some kind of an accident,i think,the dog dies and becomes an angel.watches over the lil boy ... The whole thing ends up in total chaos and the movie has a bit of a Guy Ritchie-feel to it. :) ok so ive been looking for this movie for ages and hopefully someone can help. the main protagonist is a blue alien and he has blades that come from his arms, the only seen i remember is in the forest in this log cabin and he kills a bunch of thugs Hi.I saw it in the late 70s, and I can only remember scenes in a mansion in the desert, where the players went through existential pain. The scenes in my memory remember me to Pink Floyd and their album Wish you were here. Was out in the 80's or 90's was about: The world was dying and there were these bunch of kids making their way through the desert trying to find a new world hidden in tunnels under an army barack. I had to have seen it sometime in the late 90's and I think it was about these kids trying to solve a puzzle that involved taking a metal spiked ball out of a cage.. There is a movie I watched back in Huntsville, AL at the Redstone Arsenal Base Movie Theater when I was in my teens.

He becomes one of her boyfriend or husband until he dies accidentally.

Obviously if you can remember actors, years/decades, story location etc include that. Say when you think the film was released, not when you saw it.

The long standing contributors to this thread like a challenge (within reason) and consider your questions to be a challenge, so the more information the merrier. You can also reward them with a Smiley Vote if you wish. Please stick around and "Pay it Forward" and help others to ease their frustrations as well. Hi all: My long forgotten movie was about some rock musicians and their decadence. Probably early to mid 70s because of the feeling of decadence. Hey guys, there's a movie that I remember seeing as a child that I unfortunately don't remember much about.

There was also something about clones but it's very fuzzy.

I saw a great movie, perhaps 2003 to 2005 time frame.

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