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The average annual poor-rate expenditure for the period 1832-35 had been £19,928 or 6s.2d. The new workhouse was built 1836-8 to a design by Sampson Kempthorne on a site to the south of the city at Coombe Down between Warminster Road (now Midford Road) and Frome Road.

It was designed to accommodate 600 people and cost around £12,300.

The ratepayers of Walcot had had to stump up £500 in legal costs plus the initial removal expenses and the cost of his keep until he was fit to return to Bath whereupon he could be removed again — legally — back to London.

In the meantime, Clerkenwell could pass on the cost of Withers' upkeep to Walcot, and so treated him like a king, to the tune of five shillings a week.

Relevant Terms: Now that I have the house to myself I'm Rollin up, making myself cookies, and putting one of these bath bombs to use Created at: Mon Dec 11 0000 2017 Visit House of Bath Catalogue now, for special value on a range of great products. The three-bedroom, two-bath house has 2,249 square feet under roof (1,637 heated and cooled)w/ a 2car garage!

Want to break the world's record for building a house? The developer of Old Bath House restaurant in Lovers Point has asked Pacific Grove city leaders to change his lease agreement so he can finish the project. Deep in the Mojave Desert is an odd, dome-shaped wood-and-fiberglass building measuring 38 feet high and 55 feet in diameter.

A court then decided that, due to a technicality, his removal from Walcot had been illegal.

(With new a/c in place at the Bath House now, it's a meat locker.

Bring a jacket.) Festival manager David Meglino says this year's FIT, despite a 50 percent budget cut by the Office of Cultural Affairs, has particularly strong buzz going into opening night: "Every company has picked something they're really passionate about.

The atmosphere for theatergoers is casual and tickets are cheap (just for a two-week festival pass, for all four weeks, breaking down to less than per show, or you can get single tickets).

Last year there was barely a peep from the sold-out crowds when the air conditioning broke down in the final week; shows went on with the help of some floor fans aimed at actors and viewers.

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