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The original idea seems to have been to develop simultaneously an urban core and a loosely settled farming area.Stock was issued, the first series at 0 per share, the second at 0.

In 1859 the Association put out a special pamphlet under the heading "Was wir wollen What we want." The answer developed the entire program of the project. A place to develop German folk life, German arts and sciences, especially music.Many German newcomers who had felt the pressure of the Knownothings were in a receptive mood when they read the advertisements inviting them to a purely German settlement in the New World.It was this combination of two phenomena, both typical of the United States in the midcentury, railroad expansion and anti-immigrant feelings, to which Egg Harbor City owed its existence.Here as so often in American history the railroads brought a new political and economic impulse.In the year 1854 a new railroad had been built, the Camden & Atlantic Railroad, connecting the big East coast lines running through Philadelphia with the newly opened seashore resort Atlantic City. It could not exist exclusively on the summer seashore traffic.

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