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It has not been determined whether Barn Owls are specialist or opportunistic predators.

Nesting Barn Owls sometimes store dozens of prey items at the nest site while they are incubating to feed the young once they hatch.

Back to Top Like all birds, owls do not have teeth.

How old are they when they have their first nest/nestlings? Doesn’t the female get hungry while she sits on the nest all day and night? It is transparent and can close and protect the eye when hunting.

Back to Top Home ranges of the Barn Owl are highly variable and vary in relation to prey density and habitat characteristics. S., home ranges of radio-tagged individuals are about 740–1800 acres, roughly 1–2.5 square miles.

When the chick is still in the egg, how does it get air to breathe? Why hasn’t one of the eggs hatched even though the others have hatched? In many cases the male will bring excess prey that is stored in the nest for later consumption.

They occasionally eat birds such as starlings, blackbirds, and meadowlarks. Bones are broken down in the stomach to provide important nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. Back to Top Barn Owls hunt primarily at night, beginning about one hour after sunset and ending about one hour before sunrise. Back to Top Owls typically swallow small prey whole, bones and all. One captive female consumed about 60.5 grams of food per day, amounting to more than 10 percent of her body mass daily. They consume more food in the winter and when they are very active.

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